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Hi, I am Bec, a London based filmmaker who specializes in editing, graphic design & teaching. I have recently started scriptwriting as well.
I can edit a range of different projects such as films, music videos, documentaries & promos for commercial clients and independent productions. 

I'm a freelancer editor who has worked closely with Thulsa Doom Video, Gothic Manor and Phoenix Works Films on a range of films and stories; Petticoat Duel, The Test, The Favour, Possessed, Scrap of Paper, Roman 13:8 and much more.

Previously I worked as an Edit Assistant. I have a BA Hons in Post Production from Ravensbourne College where I learned the artistry of editing and storytelling.

For ten years I have worked in a secondary school as a Media Teacher where I taught students to edit with Premiere and Final Cut, After Effects in a variety of styles. As well as teaching units in Advertising, Music Videos, Film trailers, Documentary and more.

If you would like to collaborate, please find my details top of page.
Many thanks


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